About Inner Space Techniques

Central to IST is Inner Space Interactive Sourcing, in which ‘Inner Space’ stands for the space of the third eye, ‘Interactive’ refers to the fact that the technique is practiced with a client and a facilitator (called ‘connector’), and ‘Sourcing’ refers to the direction of the process which is to find the sources of present emotional blockages and conditioned behavior.

Sourcing events through this practice can lead to major releases of latent emotional charges, and profound spiritual realizations – for many clients, a new start in life.

An essential aspect of the IST is that it is totally focused on the present – hence the title of Samuel Sagan’s book: Regression, Past Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom. Clients are constantly reminded to use the technique for resolving present issues and improving their present life, not for building meaningless stories.

Limiting belief systems that influence our life often rest on strong emotional reactions to past events but their origin has become buried, forgotten, with only the mechanistic patterns of reactions remaining. This technique sources these events through the meditation space, facilitating the release of deeply held emotions in this safe environment. Even more powerfully, it is at these deeply buried places clients can start to experience a sense of essence, a sense of themselves that is far greater than these emotional scars. Through cognising these events at such a deep level such events turn from ‘elephants’ to ‘mice’…a sense of clarity, direction and wellbeing start to emerge. It is from this deep foundation that life decisions, goals and directions can be contemplated then taken.

In an ISIS session a simple meditation technique is passed so the client can start to access their inner space or third eye space. The term samskara is used to describe these events and these are held in the body, thus light touch is used to facilitate sensations, feelings and memories. The client is then guided with questions and reflections towards the source of blockages and a sense of their higher self. Consequently the client starts to develop their own ‘subtle vision’, being able to see cause and effects, and importantly, feel (see) their energetic bodies and flows. These can be subtle or dramatic very much depending on the configuration of each individual.

This technique was developed by Samuel Sagan and is described in depth in his book Regression: Past-life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom which can be purchased from Watkins bookshop in the UK.

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