About Janeclaire


Currently based in London, Janeclaire Stevens is a Senior Clairvision Instructor and Practitioner with more than 20 years’ experience doing powerful transformation work both personally and with clients.

During this time she has led workshops across Europe for an extended time, and is one of a handful of people who managed a Clairvision Retreat centre in Australia, where the school was founded.

Janeclaire had regular periods of working directly with Samuel Sagan, Founder of Clairvision, since it’s early inception.  She has had extended periods of intense practices both individually and within groups which continue on a regular basis to this day.  Using this foundation Janeclaire conducts both beginners and advanced trainings for students throughout Europe. Additionally she practices deep transformational work with private clients from her London practice.

In 2014 Janeclaire completed her BSc (Hons) Pysch gaining a First class honours. Before dedicating her time to meditation techniques she studied for a BA majoring in Philosophy, then went on to train as a Registered Nurse in Australia specializing in Cardiac Care and subsequently moving into management.

Janeclaire offers private IST sessions and can be reached at
Janeclaire Stevens