Awakening the Third Eye introductory weekends

The Clairvision techniques are designed to get you meditating

Using the third eye as a traditional way to internalise your consciousness, the methods are straightforward, the first results immediate and tangible. Through simple techniques you will:

  • Learn an effective 30 minute daily meditation practice
  • Begin to quieten and focus your mind
  • Learn how to make your sleep more rejuvenating
  • Learn how to become aware of and activate your body of energy
  • Learn how to be more centered and grounded
  • Learn how to alleviate fatigue and manage insomnia
  • Begin to cultivate subtle vision during daily activities bringing clarity into your life
  • Learn how to enhance intuition and creativity
  • Bookings and information:For more information about Clairvision visit the website Follow this link for information specifically about what is taught in this course is a school of meditation that offers powerful techniques to explore and transform consciousness. It was founded in 1987 in Australia by Dr Samuel Sagan. Courses based on his teachings are now run throughout the world. The school’s focus is to give meditation training to as high a level as you want. It is designed for people who want to experience levels of consciousness, not just hear the theories. Therefore the approach is resolutely experiential and open to people of all backgrounds.

Upcoming ATE workshops