About Meditation


… a path to Clarity, Focus, Simplicity.

Meditation is more than simply relaxation — for thousands of years it has been used to awaken.

Meaning clarity, speed, focus.

In everyone’s life there are special moments when the mind becomes unusually acute and clear, thoroughly focused, rooted in the here and now. The senses are sharp and precise. You are in a bigger part of yourself, you are alive! You ARE.

IST meditation techniques have three fundamental principles:
•silencing the mind
•internalization of the senses and of consciousness

Through a meditation practice of this nature you become clearer, faster, sharper, more capable of intense concentration over extended periods. Thought processes become fluid, and speed up. The heart flourishes.

It leads to awakening from inside. An awakening that doesn’t flicker with external circumstances.

Extreme life, in a continuum of peace that is beyond anything the ordinary mind can comprehend.

Increased awareness, inspiration and clarity.

Be it at work or at home, daily life becomes a different experience.

The meditation techniques employed by IST are non-denominational. 

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